The HAT archive is the home of back issues 1 to 74 of The HAT Magazine in Print & Digital format. 

The HAT archive opens the door to the world of ‘HATS’, informing and explaining how all those involved, from small milliners to international manufacturers, from designers, buyers and retailers work together to bring this crafted accessory ‘to your door’.
This inspiring resource features workroom processes, designer sketchbooks, industry news, visits to factories and renowned designers, headwear shoots, coverage of major millinery events and a directory of makers. The archive contains a fascinating snapshot of a worldwide industry as it worked, for over 18 years from 1999 to 2017, throughout the rise of the couture milliner and the demise of the large hat manufacturer.

To keep readers updated with ‘Articles from the Archive’ we publish a Newsletter on a monthly/bimonthly basis, giving up-to-date information on hat industry News and Events.

Carole Denford is a Founder Member, Director and Secretary of the newly relaunched British Hat Guild.

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